Canto 03, Chapter 23: Devahuti’s Lamentation Quiz

01. Devahuti served her husband with ________.
a)   Intimacy
b)   Great respect
c)   Love and sweet words
d)   All the above
01. Hiranyaksha attacked the Lord by ____________
a)   Throwing a mace against the Lord
b)   Hurling his trident towards the Lord
c)   Striking his fist on the Lord’s chest
d)   All the above
02. Devahuti requested her husband _________
a)   To bless her with transcendence
b)   To provide her with material facilities
c)   To beget children in her womb
d)   To show her the Supreme Lord
03. Kardama Muni created a mystic palace for the pleasure of his wife and himself which had __________
a)   Pleasure grounds
b)   Resting chambers
c)   Multitudes of live swans and pigeons
d)   All the above
04. On seeing the opulent palace created by her husband, Devahuti was _________
a)   Displeased in her heart
b)   Ecstatic
c)   Bewildered
d)   Furious
05. Kardamuni enjoyed with his wife in his aerial mansion and travelled to ___________
a)   Mount Meru
b)   Manasa Sarovara
c)   Pushpabhadraka
d)   All the above
06. The couple enjoyed life in mystic powers and thus spent ———– autumns
a)   10
b)   20
c)   60
d)   100
07. Devahuti gave birth to ————— female children
a)   1
b)   4
c)   7
d)   9