Canto 11, Chapter 31: The Disappearance of Lord Sri Krishna – Quiz

01. As soon as Lord Krishna left the Earth, ________ immediately followed Him.
a)   Truth and Religion
b)   Faithfulness and Glory
c)   Beauty
d)   All the above
02. As soon as Dwaraka was abandoned by Lord, ________.
a)   It was completely burnt
b)   Ocean flooded on all sides
c)   It was captured by other kings
d)   It simply disappeared
03. Arjuna gave shelter to the survivors of Yadu dynasty and installed ________ as the ruler of the Yadus.
a)   Vajra
b)   Samba
c)   Aniruddha
d)   Pradyumna
Question No. 01 02 03
Answer: d b a
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