Canto 12, Chapter 01: The Degraded Dynasties of Kali-yuga – Quiz

01. In the Pradyotana dynasty there will be 5 kings and will enjoy the Earth for _______ years.
a)   53
b)   138
c)   450
d)   700
02. Ajatasatru will be the son of_________.
a)   Ksetrajna
b)   Vidhisara
c)   Darbhaka
d)   Ajaya
03. The lord of Mahapadma, King Nanda will rule over the entire Earth just like ____________, and no one will challenge his authority.
a)   Prathu
b)   Ashoka
c)   Surasena
d)   Parasurama
04. A Brahman named _________ will betray the trust of King Nanda and his dynasty will be destroyed. Mauryas will take over the world then.
a)   Chanakya
b)   Vidura
c)   Chandragupta
d)   Ashoka
05. The land along the ___________ river will be ruled by sudras with no Vedic civilization and lack of spiritual strength.
a)   Brahmaputra
b)   Sindhu
c)   Kaveri
d)   Narmada
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b b d a b
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