Canto 11, Chapter 30: The Disappearance of the Yadu Dynasty – Quiz

01. On seeing the terrible omens at Dwaraka, Lord Krishna ordered the Yadus, that the women, children and old men should leave Dwaraka and go to _________.
a)   Prabhasa
b)   Badrikashrama
c)   Mathura
d)   Sankhoddhara
02. River ________ flows in Prabhasa Kshetra.
a)   Ganga
b)   Yamuna
c)   Sarasvati
d)   Mandakini
03. On being intoxicated, ________ began to fight with one another.
a)   Dasarhas, Vrsnis and Andhakas
b)   Bhojas, Satvatas, Madhus and Arbudas
c)   Mathuras, Surasenas, Visarjanas, Kukuras and Kuntis
d)   All the above
04. When all Yadus thus destroyed themselves, Lord Balarama ________.
a)   Called for an airplane and returned to the spiritual world
b)   Waited for Lord Krishna to end His pastimes first
c)   Fixed Himself on meditation upon the Supreme Lord and merged Himself within Himself
d)   None of the above
05. Lord Krishna, after the departure of Lord Balarama, sat under a ________ tree.
a)   Pippala
b)   Mango
c)   Banyan
d)   Tamal
06. Hunter ________ shot at the foot of Lord Krishna thinking it to be a deer’s face.
a)   Mrgari
b)   Jada
c)   Jara
d)   Urada
07. On receiving the Mercy of Lord Krishna, the hunter ________.
a)   Went back to the spiritual sky in an airplane
b)   Was given a huge kingdom to rule
c)   Transformed into a Gandharva
d)   Received unlimited wealth
08. When Daruka was looking for Krishna, he felt the fragrance of ________ and went in that direction.
a)   Champaka flowers
b)   Peacock feather
c)   Tulasi leaves
d)   Forest flowers
09. Once Lord abandoned Dwaraka, the city ________.
a)   Was burnt
b)   Simply disappeared
c)   Collapsed
d)   Got inundated in the ocean
10. All the family members were sent under ________ protection after the departure of Krishna.
a)   Dhratarastra
b)   Arjuna
c)   Balarama
d)   Ugrasena
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: d c d c a c a c d b
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