Canto 11, Chapter 17: Lord Krishna’s Description of the Varnasrama System – Quiz

01. In the beginning, in Satya – yuga, there was only one social class, called ________.
a)   Saranga
b)   Hamsa
c)   Kolkila
d)   Champa
02. In Satya yuga, the bull of religion had ———— legs.
a)   1
b)   2
c)   3
d)   4
03. In Treta yuga, Vedic knowledge appeared from Lord’s heart as ________.
a)   Rg veda
b)   Sama veda
c)   Yajur veda
d)   All the above
04. Among the social divisions manifested from the Lord’s Universal form, the Brahmanas appear from Lord’s ________.
a)   Eye brows
b)   Head
c)   Face
d)   Neck
05. The natural quality of a Vaisyas are ________.
a)   Freedom from hypocrisy
b)   Dedication to charity
c)   Perpetually desiring to accumulate more money
d)   All the above
06. If one desires to establish family life, he should marry a wife of ________.
a)   His own caste
b)   Younger in age
c)   Both 1 and 2
d)   None of the above
07. A king or other member of the royal order who cannot maintain himself by his normal occupation may act as a ________.
a)   Vaisya
b)   Brahmana
c)   Sudra
d)   Both a and b
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: b d d c d c d
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