Canto 11, Chapter 18: Description of Varnasrama-dharma – Quiz

01. The saintly Vanaprastha, practicing sever penances, worships the Supreme Lord and if he does not become completely Krishna Conscious, he goes to ________ and then directly achieves the Lord.
a)   Goloka
b)   Maharloka
c)   Brahmaloka
d)   Tapaloka
02. The internal disciplines a sannyasi is supposed to follow are ________.
a)   Avoid useless speech
b)   Avoid useless activities
c)   Controlling life air
03. A sannyasi is to be satisfied by begging from at the most ________ houses.
a)   2
b)   7
c)   12
d)   25
04. One who enjoys life within the internal potency of the Supreme Lord is called ________.
a)   Atma-Van
b)   Atma-Krida
c)   Atma-Rata
d)   All the above
05. The word ‘saucam’ indicates ________.
a)   Cleanliness of the mind
b)   Cleanliness of the body
c)   Freedom from attachment and repulsion
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b d b b d
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