Canto 11, Chapter 16: The Lord’s Opulence – Quiz

01. The Lord says ________.
a)   He is the ultimate goal of all those seeking progress
b)   He is time among those who exert control
c)   He is the equilibrium of the modes of material nature
d)   All the above
02. Among Vasus, the Supreme Lord is ________.
a)   Vayu
b)   Varuna
c)   Agni
d)   Chandra
03. Of the things that are difficult to conquer, the Lord is the ________.
a)   Mountain
b)   Tiger
c)   Mind
d)   Wind
04. Lord is ________ among birds.
a)   Peacock
b)   Garuda
c)   Vasuki
d)   Parrot
05. Among metals, Lord is ________.
a)   Gold
b)   Silver
c)   Bronze
d)   Copper
06. Among seasons, Lord is ________.
a)   Summer
b)   Rainy
c)   Autumn
d)   Spring
07. Among ages, Lord is ________ yuga.
a)   Satya
b)   Treat
c)   Dwapara
d)   Kali
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d c c b a d a
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