Canto 11, Chapter 08: The Story of Pingala – Quiz

01. One should give up material endeavor and accept for one’s maintenance food that comes on its own accord. This lesson was learnt by the brahmana from _________.
a)   A House fly
b)   A Python
c)   Ocean
d)   A Moth
02. From the honey bee, the brahmana learnt ________.
a)   A saintly person should not even collect food stuffs to eat later in the same day or next day
b)   A saintly person should never touch a young girl
c)   A saintly person should never listen to music promoting material enjoyment
d)   All the above
03. A saintly person should not be disturbed by the urges of the tongue. This lesson was learnt by the brahmana from a ________.
a)   Spider
b)   Fish
c)   Deer
d)   Elephant
04. Prostitute Pingala dwelled in the city of ________.
a)   Ujjain
b)   Vidarbha
c)   Videha
d)   Mathura
05. On finding no customers on a particular night, prostitute Pingala began to feel ________.
a)   Great detachment from her situation
b)   Happiness in her mind
c)   Disgusted with her material situation
d)   All the above
06. Pingala realized that ________.
a)   The most dear Person is the Lord situated in her heart
b)   Lord is the bestower of real love and happiness and the source of all prosperity
c)   Real service is the service to the Supreme Lord
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a a b c d d
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