Canto 11, Chapter 07: Lord Krishna Instructs Uddhava – Quiz

01. __________ is to be achieved by Yoga process.
a)   Mystic siddhis
b)   Impersonal Brahman
c)   Krishna
d)   Intelligence
02. Of all created bodies in this world, Lord says _________ form is very dear to Him.
a)   1 legged
b)   2 legged
c)   4 legged
d)   Human
03. King Yadu saw that the Brahmana was alone, with no friends or family members and was________.
a)   Morose
b)   Ecstatic
c)   Inquisitive
d)   A thief
04. The brahmana replied the reason for his current situation was that he had taken shelter of ______ guru(s).
a)   1
b)   2
c)   24
d)   48
05. One should understand that everything happens by the will of God and should not be distracted from the progress on his own path. This was learnt by the Brahmana from_________.
a)   Earth
b)   Wind
c)   Deer
d)   Water
06. From the tree, the brahmana learnt that_________.
a)   One should dedicate himself to others
b)   One should devote his efforts for service of others
c)   One should not get entangled when in contact with the material objects
d)   One should be free from all contaminations
07. From the life of the pigeon the brahmana learnt__________.
a)   Not to indulge in excessive affection for anyone or anything
b)   Too much attachment to family creates disturbance in the heart
c)   Sex attraction is just a mundane pleasure
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: c d b c a a d
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