Canto 11, Chapter 09: Detachment from All that Is Material – Quiz

01. When a weaker Hawk was attacked by large hawks, the weaker Hawk experienced actual happiness by _______.
a)   Running away
b)   Swallowing the meat in his mouth
c)   Giving up the meat from its mouth
d)   Taking shelter of another bigger Hawk
02. When one’s consciousness is completely fixed in the Absolute Truth, one no longer sees duality. This lesson was learnt from the ________.
a)   Example of the bracelet of the young girl
b)   Arrow maker
c)   Snake
d)   Wasp
03. The Brahmana accepted _________ also as his Guru because it taught him detachment.
a)   Elephant
b)   Insect
c)   Material body
d)   Honey Bee
04. The practice of Krishna Consciousness is best possible in the body of a _________.
a)   Wasp
b)   Tiger
c)   Human
d)   Deer
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: c b c c
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