Canto 11, Chapter 02: Maharaja Nimi Meets the Nine Yogendras – Quiz

01. The most exalted way of achieving the highest liberation is by________.
a)   Worshipping the Supreme Lord directly
b)   A moments association with the pure devotees of the Lord
c)   Completely meditating on the personal form of the Lord
d)   Desiring for the impersonal Brahman
02. Bhagavata Dharma is the process of_________.
a)   Impersonal worship
b)   Devotional Service to the Lord for Lord’s pleasure
c)   Always being truthful
d)   Always immersed in worshipping the deity of Supreme Lord
03. Bharata Varsa is celebrated as a result of the fame of the son of _________.
a)   Rshabhadeva
b)   Bharata
c)   Swayambhu Manu
d)   Yamaraja
04. _________ son(s) of Rshabhadeva became Brahmanas and helped to initiate the Vedic path of fruitive sacrifice.
a)   1
b)   9
c)   81
d)   100
05. The nava yogendras are the sons of__________.
a)   Virocana
b)   Rshabhadeva
c)   Bharata
d)   Priyavrata
06. Jambunada means river of __________ juice.
a)   Raw apple
b)   Rose apple
c)   Sugarcane
d)   Ripened mango
07. __________ becomes manifest in the beginning stage of Bhakthi yoga if the practitioner is sincere and serious and has no ulterior motives.
a)   Devotion
b)   Direct experience of the Supreme Lord
c)   Detachment from other objects
d)   All the above
08. Jnanis desire ___________ and hence cannot be peaceful.
a)   Material enjoyment
b)   Liberation
c)   Material opulence
d)   Devotional service
09. Science of Krishna Consciousness was explained to Maharaja Nimi by_________.
a)   Havir
b)   Kavi
c)   Antariksa
d)   Prabuddha
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: b b a c b b d b a
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