Canto 11, Chapter 03: Liberation from the Illusory Energy – Quiz

01. In the general division of material life, tiryah refers to ________.
a)   Demigods
b)   Subhuman creatures
c)   Human beings
d)   All the above
02. The Supreme Personality of Godhead’s ________ potency causes birth, maintenance and destruction of the material world.
a)   Internal
b)   Maya
c)   Brahman
d)   Spirit
03. Maya is tricolored in ________.
a)   Red, white and black
b)   Green, yellow, orange
c)   Red, yellow, white
d)   White, green, black
04. During annihilation, the last item to merge into mahatattva is ________.
a)   Fire
b)   Air
c)   Space
d)   False ego
05. ________ is the main product of bhagavat-dharma.
a)   Pure love of godhead
b)   Crossing over the insurmountable ocean of illusion
c)   Liberation
d)   Merging into Brahman
06. The ________ (summary) is that one should become the pure devotee of the Supreme Lord.
a)   Visaya
b)   Sangati
c)   Parva paksa
d)   Siddhanta
07. Those who are eager to put a quick end to material existence and situate themselves in the eternal blissful life should ________.
a)   Strictly follow the Vedas
b)   Directly worship Krishna
c)   Worship all 33 crore demigods
d)   Worship everyone
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: b b a d a b b
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