Canto 11, Chapter 01: The Curse upon the Yadu Dynasty – Quiz

01. After killing the demons, the Lord still felt that there are remains of ________dynasty, whose strength is unbearable for the Earth.
a)   Magadha
b)   Yadava
c)   Chola
d)   Iksvaku
02. One’s real happiness lies_________.
a)   In giving pleasure to oneself
b)   In giving pain to oneself
c)   In giving pleasure to Krishna
d)   In giving pleasure to one’s parents and relatives
03. Lord Krishna saves foolish people from absorption in enjoying the material world by personally displaying His own superlative_________.
a)   Transcendental beauty
b)   Transcendental words
c)   Transcendental activities
d)   All the above
04. Lord arranged to destroy His own Yadu dynasty for the purpose of_________.
a)   Reestablishing in the heavenly planets those demigods who had taken birth among Yadus to assist Him
b)   To reestablish His planery Visnu expansions in Their abodes
c)   To remove Himself and His eternal associates from the vision of the material world
d)   All the above
05. _________ participated in the execution of fruitive rituals to bring great happiness and take away sins of Kali Yuga at the home of Vasudeva.
a)   Visvamitra
b)   Asita
c)   Kanva
d)   All the above
06. After the completion of a great ceremony at Vasudeva’s home, the assembled sages went to place called _________.
a)   Prabhasa
b)   Pindraka
c)   Dwaraka
d)   Mathura
07. The Yadus had brought _________ dressed in a woman’s garb.
a)   Samba
b)   Aniruddha
c)   Pradyumna
d)   Lakshmana
08. The sages cursed the boys saying that the lady will give birth to a ________ which will be the cause of destruction of their dynasty.
a)   Girl
b)   Boy
c)   Iron club
d)   Wooden plank
09. King Ahuka is also another name of King_________.
a)   Surasena
b)   Ugrasena
c)   Bhismaka
d)   Satrajit
10. The hunter who used the iron lump in his arrow was__________.
a)   Jaraa
b)   Kasa
c)   Vasu
d)   Kubja
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: b c d d d b a c b a
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