Canto 10, Chapter 87: The Prayers of the Personified Vedas – Quiz

01. ________ is the sole motive of the Lord in creating the cosmos.
a)   To teach a good lesson to the living entities
b)   Compassion on the living entity
c)   To punish the living entities
d)   To show His supremacy over living entities
02. The crucial ingredient of the success of the living entity is ________.
a)   Vital air
b)   Lord’s mercy
c)   Intelligence
d)   Senses
03. In the Gopala-tapani sruti’s , comparison of Lord Krsna’s body and clothing is to ________ and ________ resp.
a)   Lotus, Cloud
b)   Cloud, Lightening
c)   Lightening, Lotus
d)   Cloud, Lotus
04. An ancient discussion about the Absolute Truth had taken place among the residents of ________.
a)   Janaloka
b)   Tapaloka
c)   Satyaloka
d)   Maharloka
05. The ________ verses of the prayers of the personified Vedas represent the opinions of each of the major srutis.
a)   26
b)   27
c)   28
d)   29
06. Vedas declare that there can be only ________ source(s) of universal creation called Brahat, which is the singular truth underlying and pervading all existences.
a)   1
b)   2
c)   3
d)   4
07. Prakrti is the personality of Godhead’s _________ energy.
a)   Internal
b)   Marginal
c)   External
d)   All pervading
08. ________ is the ultimate Parabrahman.
a)   Krishna
b)   Shiva
c)   Brahma
d)   All the above
09. As soon as the living entity reaches the stage of ________ , he becomes a liberated soul.
a)   Vijnana maya
b)   Mano maya
c)   Prana maya
d)   Anna maya
10. Measuring the size of ________, the Purusa is always present as the supersoul within the heart of all living beings.
a)   Toe
b)   Thumb
c)   Eye
d)   Nose

11. Internally the conditioned soul is covered by ________.
a)   Desire
b)   Aversion
c)   Greed
d)   All the above
12. Partial dissolution occurs when ________.
a)   The soul experiences dreamless sleep
b)   He leaves his body
c)   All souls reenter the body of MahaVisnu
d)   All the above
13. The Upanishads teach us that this created world is ________.
a)   Real but temporary
b)   Real and permanent
c)   False and temporary
d)   False but permanent
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13
Answer: b b b a c a c a d b d d a
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