Canto 10, Chapter 86: Arjuna Kidnaps Subhadra, and Krishna Blesses His Devotees – Quiz

01. ________ Intended to give Subhadra in marriage to Duryodhana.
a)   Balarama
b)   Krishna
c)   Bhisma
d)   Dhratarastra
02. Arjuna, to get the hand of Subhadra, went to Dvaraka as a ________.
a)   Warrior
b)   Renunciant
c)   Brahmana
d)   Dwarf
03. Arjuna got Subhadra ________.
a)   By formal approval of all
b)   By kidnapping her on the occasion of her temple visit, on her will
c)   By deceiving her
d)   By force
04. ________ were devotees of Krishna living in Mithila.
a)   Srutadeva
b)   Bahulasva
c)   Both a and b
d)   Janaka
05. Lord Krishna first accepted the invitation of ________.
a)   Srutadeva
b)   Bahulasva
c)   Both a and b
d)   Janaka
06. Bahulasva honored Krishna and the accompanying sages with ________.
a)   Fragrant sandalwood paste
b)   Cows and bulls
c)   Fine clothing and ornaments
d)   All the above
07. Srutadeva on seeing Krishna and the accompanying sages ________.
a)   Danced with great joy by waving his shawl
b)   Offered mats of grass and darbha straw
c)   Offered fragrant clay, tulasi leaves, lotus flowers
d)   All the above
08. One can be purified immediately by ________.
a)   Receiving the glance of exalted sages
b)   Worshipping temple deities
c)   Visiting places of pilgrimage
d)   Taking bath in holy rivers
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a b b c c d d a
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