Canto 10, Chapter 88: Lord Shiva Saved from Vrkasura – Quiz

01. ________ had asked Lord Krishna that how come devotees of Shiva are wealthy in comparison with devotees of Hari.
a)   Yudhistira
b)   Bhima
c)   Arjuna
d)   Draupadi
02. Karmic reactions that are barely manifesting is called ________.
a)   Prarabdha
b)   Bija
c)   Kuta
d)   Aprarabdha
03. Lord Hari arranges His devotees to go through some suffering because ________.
a)   He wants to strengthen His devotee’s mood of dependence on Him
b)   He wants His devotees to long for him unconditionally
c)   When He delivers, the devotee’s gratitude and transcendental pleasure is boundless
d)   All the above
04. Narada directed Vrka to please ________ to achieve his goal quickly.
a)   Lord Shiva
b)   Lord Brahma
c)   Lord Vishnu
d)   All the above
05. The demon started offering ________ as oblations to the sacred fire.
a)   His hair
b)   His flesh
c)   Flowers
d)   Dried leaves
06. Vrkasura saw the Lord of his desire on ________ day.
a)   1st
b)   2nd
c)   7th
d)   23rd
07. Vrka got the benediction of ________.
a)   Immense wealth
b)   Killing anyone just by his glance
c)   Killing anyone on touching their head
d)   Devotional service
08. Lord Vishnu approached as ________ and met Vrkasura.
a)   Brahmachari
b)   Old brahmana
c)   An ascetic
d)   As 4 handed Narayana form
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a b d a b c c a
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