Canto 10, Chapter 70: Lord Krishna’s Daily Activities – Quiz

01. The specialty of the Sudharma Assembly hall was ________.
a)   It protects those who enter it from the 6 waves of material life
b)   An old man when entered immediately turns to a handsome youth
c)   It was too huge
d)   It could move from 1 place to another
02. Jarasandha had imprisoned ________ kings who had refused to submit.
a)   1000
b)   10000
c)   2000
d)   20000
03. When the messenger of the imprisoned kings was reading out their message to Krishna, sage ________ appeared in the Sudharma assembly hall.
a)   Vasista
b)   Vishwamitra
c)   Narada
d)   Agastya
04. Narada Muni was intending to convey the thought of ________ to Krishna.
a)   Yudhistira
b)   Kunti
c)   Dhratarastra
d)   Vidura
05. Rajasuya sacrifice was intended to perform to ________.
a)   Have unrivaled sovereignty
b)   Worship Krishna with the greatest fire sacrifice
c)   Both a and b
d)   None of the above
06. The transcendental water that washes the Lord’s lotus feet in the lower planetary system is called ________.
a)   Mandakini
b)   Bhogavathi
c)   Ganga
d)   Kaveri
07. Lord Keshava took the counsel of ________ when he could not decide as to take up the task of conquering Jarasandha first or attending the Rajasuya sacrifice.
a)   Akrura
b)   Uddhava
c)   Balarama
d)   Krtaverma
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a d c a c b b
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