Canto 10, Chapter 69: Narada Muni Visits Lord Krishna’s Palaces in Dvaraka – Quiz

01. All of Krishna’s palaces were engineered and built by ________.
a)    Krishna Himself
b)    Manu
c)    Viswakarma
d)    King Ugrasena
02. When the Supreme Lord saw Narada Muni, He ________.
a)    Rose at once from Goddess Sri’s bed
b)    Bowed His crowned head at Narada’s feet
c)    Joined His palms and had the sage sit on His own seat
d)    All the above
03. Lord washed the feet of Narada and took the water on His head because ________.
a)    Narada would feel disrespected otherwise
b)    Narada was elder to Lord Krishna
c)    Otherwise Narada could curse Krishna
d)    The Lord did so to teach everyone how to respect saintly persons
04. During Narada’s visits to the various palaces, he saw Lord engaged ________.
a)    In taking bath
b)    As an affectionate father
c)    In offering oblations into the sacrificial fire
d)    All the above
05. Having repeatedly seen the vast mystic display of Lord Krishna, the sage Narada was ________.
a)    Amazed and filled with wonder
b)    Bewildered
c)    Jealous
d)    Fearful
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: c d d d a
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