Canto 10, Chapter 71: The Lord Travels to Indraprastha – Quiz

01. Uddhava suggested Lord Krishna to ________.
a)   Fulfill the desire of His cousin to perform the Rajasuya sacrifice
b)   Protect the imprisoned kings
c)   Both a and b
d)   Simply to remain in Dvaraka
02. Jarasandha’s strength is equal to ________ elephants.
a)   10000
b)   1000
c)   100
d)   10
03. Only ________ is equal Jarasandha in strength.
a)   Arjuna
b)   Bhima
c)   Dharmaraja
d)   Yamaraja
04. The Lord addressed the messenger to return with the message ________.
a)   That the Lord will not be able to protect the kings this time
b)   That the king of Magadha will be killed very soon
c)   That the king of Magadha would release all the kings soon and be friendly to all
d)   That the decision of the Lord will come as a surprise to the kings
05. Prtha is another name of ________.
a)   Krishna
b)   Arjuna
c)   Partha
d)   Kunti
06. The queens of Krishna were specifically honored by gifts and other facilities by ________.
a)   Queen Kunti
b)   Draupadi
c)   Rukmini
d)   Gandhari
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c a b b d b
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