Canto 10, Chapter 63: Lord Krishna Fights with Banasura – Quiz

01. Aniruddha was with Usa at ________ before the Vrsni’s found him.
a)    Dwaraka
b)    Sonitapura
c)    Shantipura
d)    Nagaloka
02. ________ came to fight with Krishna on Bana’s behalf.
a)    Lord Shiva
b)    Kartikeya
c)    Pramathas
d)    All the above
03. Lord Siva was bewildered as he was attacked by ________ weapon.
a)    Eye tearing weapon
b)    Fiery weapon
c)    Yawning weapon
d)    Sleeping weapon
04. Kartikeya was fighting with ________.
a)    Krishna
b)    Pradyumna
c)    Aniruddha
d)    Satyaki
05. Krishna said he could not kill Bana because ________.
a)    Bana was His devotee
b)    Bana was Lord Shiva’s devotee
c)    The Lord had promised that He would not kill any of Prahlad’s descendents
d)    Bana was very powerful
06. Banasura was left with ________ arms and was blessed to be immune to old age and death.
a)    2
b)    4
c)    6
d)    8
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: b d c b c b
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