Canto 10, Chapter 64: The Deliverance of King Nriga – Quiz

01. The sons of Krishna saw a ________ in a dried up well.
a)    A tiny little lizard
b)    A python
c)    A viper
d)    A lizard which looked like a hill
02. When the boys could not lift the creature from the well, they called out for ________ for help.
a)    Samba
b)    Pradyumna
c)    Lord Krishna
d)    Aniruddha
03. The creature in the well was actually ________.
a)    A resident of heaven
b)    Was an associate of the boys
c)    Was from the lower hellish planet
d)    Was from Goloka Vrndavan
04. King Nrga was the son of ________.
a)    Krishna
b)    Rama
c)    Iksvaku
d)    Janamejaya
05. King Nrga was known for his ________.
a)    Tolerance
b)    Humility
c)    Simplicity
d)    Charity
06. King Nrga was cursed because ________.
a)    He refused to give charity to a particular brahmana
b)    He gave in charity a cow to a brahmana which was already given to another brahmana
c)    The quality of cows which gave on charity where not satisfactory
d)    He was proud
07. When given a choice by Yamaraja to the King to suffer or to enjoy, the king chose _________.
a)    Enjoyment
b)    Suffering
c)    Both parallel
d)    Requested to be forgiven
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d c a c d b b
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