Canto 10, Chapter 62: The Meeting of Usha and Aniruddha – Quiz

01. Usa was the daughter of ________.
a)    Banasura
b)    Bhaumasura
c)    Narakasura
d)    Aniruddha
02. Banasura was the son of ________.
a)    Prahlad Maharaj
b)    Virocana
c)    Bali Maharaja
d)    Lord Siva
03. Banasura had ________ hands.
a)    10
b)    100
c)    1000
d)    10000
04. Banasura was a devotee of ________.
a)    Lord Bhrama
b)    Lord Siva
c)    Lord Vishnu
d)    Durga devi
05. Banasura took the boon of ________.
a)    Having 1000 hands
b)    Being immortal
c)    Being able to defeat Krishna
d)    Having Lord Siva as the guardian of his city
06. Usa saw Aniruddha for the first time ________.
a)    In a dream
b)    Near the lake
c)    In a festival
d)    At the marriage ceremony
07. Citralekha brought Aniruddha to Usa ________.
a)    By her father’s power
b)    By her yogic power
c)    By her enormous beauty
d)    By her prayers
08. Aniruddha was caught by Bana’s ________.
a)    Nagapasa ropes
b)    Vayu ropes
c)    Varuna ropes
d)    Silken ropes
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a c c b d a b a
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