Canto 10, Chapter 61: Lord Balarama Slays Rukmi – Quiz

01. Each of Lord Krishna’s wives gave birth to ________ children.
a)   6
b)   8
c)   10
d)   12
02. All of Krishna’s wives were beautiful in all respects but they failed to ________.
a)   Get the love of Krishna
b)   Get respect from Krishna
c)   Conquer the mind of Krishna
d)   Please Krishna
03. Service performed by the queens to Krishna directly is ________.
a)   Bathing and massaging His feet
b)   Anointing Him with fragrant sandalwood paste
c)   Dressing His hair and adorning with flower garlands
d)   All the above
04. Youngest son of Kalindi and Krishna was ________.
a)   Sruta
b)   Somaka
c)   Kavi
d)   Vrasa
05. Pradyumna married Rukmavati, daughter of ________.
a)   Rukmi
b)   Rukmini
c)   Rukmangada
d)   Rukma
06. Rukmi agreed to give his daughter in marriage with Rukmini’s son ________.
a)   In fear of Krishna
b)   In fear of Bhismaka
c)   To please Rukmini
d)   He loved Rukmini’s son
07. Rukmi challenged ________ and began a gambling match with Him.
a)   Krishna
b)   Balarama
c)   Pradyumna
d)   Aniruddha
08. ________ laughed loudly at Balarama showing all his teeth.
a)   King of Kosala
b)   King of Magadha
c)   King of Kalinga
d)   King of Vidarbha
09. ________ confirmed the winning of Balarama in the gambling match.
a)   Voice from the sky
b)   Krishna
c)   Rukmini
d)   King of Kalinga
10. On death of Rukmi, Krishna ________.
a)   Applauded
b)   Protested
c)   Cried
d)   Did nothing
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: c c d b a c b c a d
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