Canto 10, Chapter 60: Lord Krishnaa Teases Queen Rukmini – Quiz

01. Queen Rukmini’s quarters was filled with fragrance of ________.
a)   Jasmine flowers
b)   Aguru incense
c)   Scent of Parijata grove
d)   All the above
02. Krishna put forward the question that ________.
a)   From where does her beauty come from?
b)   Why did she choose to marry Krishna who is not her equal at all?
c)   Why does her brother Rukmi not like Krishna?
d)   Is she really happy living in Dwaraka?
03. Vaidarbhi is also another name of ________.
a)   Satyabhama
b)   Radharani
c)   Rukmini
d)   Jambavati
04. Krishna simply teased Rukmini Devi to provoke her ________.
a)   Soberness
b)   Anger
c)   Shyness
d)   Humility
05. Rukmini always thought herself to be ________ of Krishna.
a)   The favorite queen of Krishna
b)   The most respectful queen
c)   The ignored queen
d)   Stupid queen
06. On hearing the unpleasant words from her husband Krishna, Rukmini devi ________.
a)   Was Frightened
b)   Became terribly anxious
c)   Began to cry
d)   All the above
07. Queen Rukmini was pacified by _______.
a)   Rukmi
b)   Krishna
c)   Her maid servants
d)   Her father
08. Completely satisfied by the kind words and glorification of Rukmini devi, Krishna blessed her ________.
a)   To have all benedictions to be free of material desires
b)   To be His unalloyed devotee
c)   To always remain as His most loving wife
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: d b c b a d b d
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