Canto 10, Chapter 45: Krishna Rescues His Teacher’s Son – Quiz

01. Understanding that Devaki and Vasudeva were becoming aware of His transcendental opulences, The Supreme Lord Shri Krishna thought ________.
a)   This was very appropriate
b)   This should not be allowed
c)   This cannot be avoided
d)   To tell them that He was indeed the Supreme Lord
02. The Lord remains forever as ________.
a)   Kaisora
b)   Pauganda
c)   Kaumara
d)   Balya
03. Krsna installed ________ as King of the Yadus.
a)   Vasudeva
b)   Balarama
c)   Ugrasena
d)   Surasena
04. Because of the curse of ________ , no yadu could sit over the royal throne.
a)   Puru
b)   Nahusha
c)   Yati
d)   Yayati
05. Nanda Maharaja and other cowherd men returned to Vraja ________.
a)   With Krishna and Balarama
b)   With only Balarama
c)   With Devaki and Vasudeva
d)   With the assurance that Krishna and Balarama would return to Vraja soon
06. Krishna and Balarama accepted ________ as their spiritual master.
a)   Gargamuni
b)   Vasudeva
c)   Sandipani Muni
d)   Vasista Muni
07. Krishna and Balarama learnt ________ arts and skills in as many days and nights.
a)   8
b)   12
c)   24
d)   64
08. The spiritual master’s son had died of ________.
a)   Snake bite
b)   Illness
c)   Drowning in the ocean
d)   Curse from a sage
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b a c d d c d c
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