Canto 10, Chapter 46: Uddhava Visits Vrindavana – Quiz

01. Uddhava was ________.
a)   The best counselor of the Vrsni dynasty
b)   A beloved friend of Lord Krishna
c)   The direct disciple of Brhaspati
d)   All the above
02. Uddhava set out to Nanda-Gokula ________.
a)   To satisfy Devaki and Vasudeva
b)   To satisfy the Gopis by giving his association
c)   To satisfy Nanda and Yashoda in Krishna’s absence
d)   To deliver his master’s message to the residents of Vrndavana
03. Uddhava reached Nanda Maharaja’s pastures ________.
a)   At dawn
b)   At sunset
c)   At night
d)   In the morning
04. As soon as Uddhava arrived at Nanda Maharaja’s house, ________.
a)   Nanda came forward to meet him
b)   Nanda embraced him in great happiness
c)   Worshipped him
d)   All the above
05. A tala is a measurement of ________ feet.
a)   30
b)   60
c)   90
d)   120
06. Uddhava conveyed the message to the residents of Vrndavan that ________.
a)   Krishna will never return to Vrndavan
b)   Krishna has asked all people of Vrndavan to move to Mathura
c)   Krishna will return to Vraja soon
d)   Krishna will return to Vraja the very next day
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: d d b d c c
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