Canto 10, Chapter 44: The Killing of Kamsa – Quiz

01. Lord Krishna paired up with ________ for the wrestling match.
a)   Canura
b)   Mustika
c)   Kuta
d)   Sala
02. Lord Balarama killed ________ in the wrestling match.
a)   Kanka
b)   Kuta
c)   Nyogrodaka
d)   Tosala
03. After the wrestling match, Krishna and Balarama ________.
a)   Returned to their cowherd camp
b)   Went up to Nanda and Yashoda
c)   Went up to Devaki and Vasudeva
d)   Called upon their cowherd friends and sported with them as everyone was seeing
04. Kamsa, on seeing Krishna Balarama rejoicing ________.
a)   Went away to his palace
b)   Ordered to drive away the Lords
c)   Ordered to kill Vasudeva, Ugrasena and all of people of Krishna’s side
d)   Both b and c
05. Kamsa, in his life remembered Krishna during ________.
a)   Eating
b)   Sleeping
c)   Breathing
d)   All the above
06. Kamsa achieved the liberation of ________ mukti.
a)   Sarupya
b)   Samipya
c)   Sayujya
d)   Salokya
07. Kamsa had ________ younger brothers.
a)   0
b)   2
c)   8
d)   100
08. After killing of Kamsa, Devaki and Vasudeva ________.
a)   Embraced Krishna
b)   Blessed Krishna
c)   Offered obeisances to Krishna
d)   Simply stood with joined palms
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a b d d d a c d
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