Canto 10, Chapter 43: Krishna Kills the Elephant Kuvalayapida – Quiz

01. When Lord Krishna reached the wrestling arena He saw ________ blocking His way.
a)  Kamsa
b)  Kuvalyapida
c)  Canura
d)  Mustika
02. Lord Krishna killed Kuvalyapida and its keepers with ________.
a)  A bow
b)  The Sudarshan chakra
c)  Tusk of the elephant itself
d)  The help of Lord Balarama
03. The people perceived Krishna and Balarama as ________ when they entered the arena.
a)  Lightning bolt
b)  Best of males
c)  Cupid in person
d)  Any of the above
04. Canura addressed Krishna and Balarama as ________.
a)  Courageous, skillful and powerful men
b)  Cowherd boys
c)  Playful teenagers
d)  Cheaters
05. Balarama killed ________.
a)  Vatsaka
b)  Putana
c)  Vyoma
d)  Sankhachuda
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b c d a a
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