Canto 10, Chapter 42: The Breaking of the Sacrificial Bow – Quiz

01. The hunchback woman was carrying _______ to Kamsa.
a)  Fine clothes
b)  Intoxicating drinks
c)  Fragrant ointments
d)  Expensive shoes
02. The hunchback woman’s name was ________.
a)  Savitri
b)  Trilokya
c)  Trivakra
d)  Anusuya
03. The hunchback woman was overwhelmed by Krishna’s _______ and so gave them the gifts which she was otherwise taking to Kamsa.
a)  Beauty and charm
b)  Sweetness and smiles
c)  Words and glances
d)  All the above
04. Benediction given to the hunchback woman was ________.
a)  She would attain Krishna as her husband
b)  Her body was straightened
c)  She would attain devotion
d)  She would attain liberation
05. On getting the beauty and charm, the otherwise hunchbacked woman now started to have ________ towards Lord Krishna.
a)  Lusty desires
b)  Motherly affection
c)  Friendly affection
d)  Awe and reverence
06. The first night was spent at ________ by Krishna and Balarama in Mathura.
a)  Kamsa’s palace
b)  With Devaki and Vasudeva
c)  Cowherds’s wagon encampment
d)  Forest
07. Bad omen seen by Kamsa on the night before his eminent death was ________.
a)  Moons and stars appeared double
b)  In his reflection he could not see his head
c)  He could not hear the sound of his life air
d)  All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: c c d b a c d
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