Canto 10, Chapter 41: Krsna and Balarama Enter Mathura – Quiz

01. To receive the 2 Lords, the citizens of Mathura adorned their balconies and rafters with _______.
a)  Vaiduryas
b)  Crystal quartz and diamonds
c)  Sapphires and corals
d)  All the above
02. In the excitement of seeing the Lords, the ladies of Mathura ________.
a)  Put their clothes and ornaments on backwards
b)  Forgot one of their earrings or ankle bells
c)  Applied makeup to only one eye
d)  Any of the above
03. On seeing a washer man, Krishna asked ________.
a)  For the way of Mathura’s entrance
b)  Arena for breaking the bow
c)  For the finest laundered garments
d)  None of the above
04. The washer man’s body was separated from his head by Lord Krishna’s ________.
a)  Sudarshan chakra
b)  Sword
c)  Finger tips
d)  Club
05. The weaver was blessed to attain ________ liberation after leaving this present body.
a)  Sarupya
b)  Salokya
c)  Sayujya
d)  Samipya
06. The 2 Lords went to the house of the garland maker named _______.
a)  Sridhar
b)  Sudama
c)  Sarangi
d)  Sridhama
07. The garland maker was blessed with _________.
a)  Strength
b)  Long life
c)  Fame and beauty
d)  All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d d c c a b d
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