Canto 10, Chapter 40: The Prayers of Akrura – Quiz

01. When Akrura was praying, he said that the sky was Lord’s ________.
a)  Face
b)  Feet
c)  Eye
d)  Navel
02. The clouds are the Lord’s ________.
a)  Hair on the body
b)  Hair on the head
c)  Head
d)  Physical strength
03. Lord as ________ annihilates the meat-eaters posing as kings.
a)  Buddha
b)  Kalki
c)  Rama
d)  Vaasudeva
04. It is possible to attain the shelter of Lord’s lotus feet by ________.
a)  Lord’s mercy
b)  Developing consciousness of the Lord
c)  Serving pure devotees of the Lord
d)  All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: d b b d
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