Canto 10, Chapter 39: Akrura’s Vision – Quiz

01. On hearing Akrura’s message sent by Kamsa, the two Lords ________.
a)  Laughed
b)  Were furious
c)  Were fearful
d)  Were concerned for the residents of Vrndavan
02. Nanda Maharaja on hearing the s that Krishna and Balarama had to travel to Mathura, ________.
a)  Made all suitable arrangements to go
b)  Was in utter distress
c)  Totally disliked the idea
d)  Was concerned of mother Yashoda
03. When the young gopis heard that Akrura had come to Vraja to take Krsna and Balarama, they became ________.
a)  Extremely distressed
b)  Pained at heart
c)  Anguished
d)  All the above
04. While immersing himself in the water and reciting eternal mantras from Vedas, Akrura suddenly saw ________ before him.
a)  Krishna
b)  Balarama
c)  Both a and b
d)  None of the above
05. Urja, Lords internal potency expands as ________ in this world.
a)  Kadamba tree
b)  Tamal tree
c)  Tulasi plant
d)  Bhel fruit
06. Lord’s potency as Pusti is the potency of _______.
a)  Wealth
b)  Strength
c)  Fame
d)  Renunciation
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a a d c c b
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