Canto 10, Chapter 38: Akrura’s Arrival in Vrindavana – Quiz

01. Akrura was considering himself to be a _______.
a)     Pious soul
b)    Confidential servant of Kamsa
c)    Charitable person
d)    Materialistic person
02. Akrura was confident to see Mukunda because he saw the good omen of________.
a)    Deer walking on his right side
b)    Deer walking on his left side
c)    His right eye flickering
d)    His left eye flickering
03. Akrura k that Krishna_________.
a)    Would think Akrura as His enemy
b)    Would not think Akrura as His enemy
c)    Would not agree to leave Vrndavan
d)    Would not allow Akrura to take him to Mathura
04. Akrura reached Gokula by__________.
a)    Night
b)    Noon
c)    Sunset
d)    Next morning
05. Akrura’s father’s name was________.
a)    Swayambhu
b)    Satrajit
c)    Krtavarma
d)    Svaphalka
06. On seeing Krishna’s footprints, Akrura_________.
a)    Was agitated with ecstasy
b)    Eyes were filled with tears
c)    Began rolling about among those footprints
d)    All the above
07. Krishna on seeing Akrura__________.
a)    Offered him obeiscances
b)    Embraced him
c)    Questioned him
d)    Did not recognize him
08. Lord Balarama gifted Akrura with__________.
a)    A cow
b)    Jeweled ring
c)    A golden chariot
d)    An elephant
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: d a b c d d b b
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