Canto 10, Chapter 37: The Killing of the Demons Keshi and Vyoma – Quiz

01. The demon Kesi appeared in the form of a great ______.
a)    Horse
b)    Donkey
c)    Monkey
d)    Bull
02. When Kesi attacked, Krishna was living in________.
a)    Gokula
b)    Vrndavan
c)    Barsana
d)    Rawal
03. Krishna killed Kesi by_________.
a)    Kicking 
b)    Thrusting His left arm in to Kesi’s mouth
c)    Hitting from His right hand on to Kesi’s head
d)    Throwing Kesi on to the air
04. After killing Kesi, Krishna’s arm appeared like long ______ fruit.
a)    Bimba
b)    Kapitha
c)    Karkatika
d)    Banana
05. ______ approached Krishna and expressed his desire to see Lord’s Mathura pastimes.
a)    Narada Muni
b)    Akrura
c)    Vasudeva
d)    Uddhava
06. Vyoma was the son of demon ______.
a)    Mana
b)    Maya
c)    Mena
d)    Marama
07. Vyoma appeared in the form of a ______.
a)    Peacock
b)    Gopi
c)    Gopa
d)    Sheep
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a a b c a b c
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