Canto 10, Chapter 34: Nanda Maharaja Saved and Shankhacudha Slain – Quiz

01. The Cowherd men, eager to worship Lord Siva travelled to the ______ forest.
a)    Vrndavana
b)    Ambika
c)    Gandharvika
d)    Mahishi
02. During the night a ______ appeared and began to devour Nanda Maharaja.
a)    Snake
b)    Lion
c)    Tiger
d)    Wolf
03. On the touch of the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord, one who attacked Nanda Maharaja.
a)    Lay dead
b)    Was liberated 
c)    Appeared in the form of Vidyadhara
d)    Went to hell
04. Sankhacuda pastime took place on the day of________.
a)    Amavasya
b)    Holika poornima
c)    Panchami
d)    Dwadashi
05. Sankhachuda was the servant of________.
a)    Jarasandha
b)    Kuvera
c)    Vidyadhara
d)    Nanda Maharaja
06. Sankhachuda was killed by_________.
a)    Krishna
b)    Balarama
c)    Cowherd men
d)    Gopis
07. Krishna took the jewel from Sankhachuda’s head and gave it to_________.
a)    Nanda Maharaja
b)    Balarama
c)    Ugrasena
d)    Mother Yashoda
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: b a c b b a b
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