Canto 10, Chapter 35: The Gopis Sing of Krishna as He Wanders in the Forest – Quiz

01. The charming flute song steals away the minds of________.
a)    Cranes
b)    Swans
c)    Bees
d)    All the above
02. Krishna’s herd had ______ groups of cows.
a)     4
b)    25
c)    100
d)    108
03. To count the different groups of cows, Krishna uses_________.
a)    His fingers
b)    String of jewel beads
c)    Help of His cowherd boy friends
d)    The palm leaves
04. Krishna’s soft cheeks has color of ______.
a)    Blue berry
b)    Straw berry
c)    Bandara berry
d)    Rasp berry
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: d d b c
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