Canto 10, Chapter 33: The Rasa Dance – Quiz

01. The Rasa Dance between Govinda and His faithful gopis took place on the banks and waters of_______.
a)    Ganga
b)    Jahnavi
c)    Jalangi
d)    Yamuna
02. During the Rasa Dance, the Lord________.
a)    Played with each gopi one after another
b)    Expanded Himself and entered between each pair of gopi
c)    Danced with the special gopi and all others encircled among them
d)    Watched the gopis dance
03. During the Rasa dance, every gopi saw________.
a)    Every manifestation of Krishna
b)    Krishna with other gopis and not with her
c)    One manifestation of the Lord dancing with her
d)    All the demigods assembled around
04. During the Rasa Dance,_________.
a)    All gopis were firmly attached to Krishna
b)    Krishna was not internally affected by mundane sex desire
c)    Lord just performed His pastimes
d)    All the above
05. If a mundane person tries to imitate the Rasa Dance________.
a)    He will simply destroy himself
b)    Will attain pure consciousness
c)    Will attain mercy of Lord Krishna
d)    Will attain love of gopis
06. The gopis’ husbands__________.
a)    Rejected the gopis after the Rasa dance pastime
b)    Were bewildered by Krishna’s illusory potency and thought their wives had remained home
c)    Forgave the gopis
d)    Warned the gopis to never repeat
07. The Rasa dance lasted for__________.
a)    1 month
b)    1 day
c)    1 night of Brahma
d)    1 normal earthly night
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d b c d a b c
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