Canto 10, Chapter 32: The Reunion – Quiz

01 .The gopis spent long time singing the glories of Krishna and speaking their hearts out in various charming ways and still when they did not see Krishna,_________.
a)    They all returned to their respective homes
b)    Went and took shelter of the special gopi, Srimati Radhika
c)    They began to weep loudly
d)    They began to fight with each other
02. On return of Krishna, whiler spending time with Him, the gopis_________.
a)    Took from His mouth the chewed betel nut
b)    Placed His arm on their shoulder
c)    Stared at Him with frowning eyebrows
d)    All the above
03. The Lord then took the gopis with Him to the banks of_________.
a)    Kalindi
b)    Ganga
c)    Kaveri
d)    Godavari
04. Krishna explains to the gopis that the true well wishers are those who_________.
a)    Serve others even when the latter fails to reciprocate
b)    Show affection to benefit themselves
c)    Are envious of superiors
d)    All the above
05. Lord Krishna says that the reason He does not immediately reciprocate the affection of living beings even when they worship Him is because________.
a)    He likes to see frustration on the face of His devotees
b)    He wants to intensify their affection to Him
c)    He is never satisfied by their affection
d)    He wants them to stop loving Him
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: c d a a b
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