Canto 09, Chapter 08: The Sons of Sagara Meet Lord Kapiladeva – Quiz

01. ________ constructed the town of Campapuri.
a)    Campa
b)    Camala
c)    Harita
d)    Rohita
02. Bahuka’s son was born along with the poison and hence called ________.
a)    Sagara
b)    Bhagirath
c)    Ansuman
d)    Aurva
03. Indra stole the horse meant to be offered at the asvamedha sacrifice and hid it near the asrama of ________.
a)    Aurva muni
b)    Vasista muni
c)    Kapila muni
d)    Sagara muni
04. The sons of Sagara left their body ________.
a)    Due to the curse of Kapila Muni
b)    As fire emanated from the ashram and they were burnt
c)    As they were burnt by the fire emanating from the eyes of Kapila Muni
d)    As they were burnt by the fire emanating from their own bodies
05. Asamanjasa was a ________, as he did not forget his previous consciousness.
a)    Ama-smara
b)    Anu-smara
c)    Jati-smara
d)    Kriti-smara
06. Ansuman ________ Kapila Muni.
a)    Glorified
b)    Cursed
c)    Did not see
d)    Pleaded
07. The forefathers of Ansuman could be delivered only by ________.
a)    Ganges water
b)    Yamuna water
c)    Gandaki water
d)    Kalindi water
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a a c d c a a
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