Canto 09, Chapter 09: The Dynasty of Amsuman – Quiz

01. ________ was successful in bringing Ganges to this material world.
a)    King Sagara
b)    King Ansuman
c)    King Dilipa
d)    King Bhagiratha
02. Gangadevi can be freed from the sinful reactions accumulated in her waters by the bathing of ________.
a)    Saintly people who are engaged in devotional service
b)    Pure devotees free from material desires
c)    Glorious people who follow the regulative principles and are pure in behavior
d)    All the above
03. ________ sustained the forceful waves of Gangadevi while reaching the earth.
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Vishnu
c)    Lord Shiva
d)    Bhragu Muni
04. ________ was cursed by Vasistha Muni to be a man-eater.
a)    Sarvakama
b)    Sudasa
c)    Saudasa
d)    Nabha
05. ________ begot a child in the womb of Madayanti.
a)    King Saudasa
b)    Vasistha Muni
c)    The Brhamana
d)    None of the above
06. Madayanti bore the child within the womb for ________ years.
a)    2
b)    4
c)    5
d)    7
07. ________ was known as ‘Mulaka’ – the root of Kshatriya dynasty.
a)    Balika
b)    Asmaka
c)    Parusurama
d)    Aidavidi
08. King Khatvanga perfected his life in ________.
a)    1 life time
b)    1 year
c)    1 day
d)    1 moment
Question No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: d d c c b d a d
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