Canto 09, Chapter 07: The Descendants of King Mandhata – Quiz

01. The most prominent among the sons of Mandhata was ________.
a)    Ambarisa
b)    Harita
c)    Yuvansava
d)    Pururava
02. ________ received the benediction from the serpents.
a)    Purukutsa
b)    Narmada
c)    Trasaddasyu
d)    Praruna
03. ________ can still be seen hanging in the sky, head downward.
a)    Tribandhana
b)    Hariscandra
c)    Trisanku
d)    Satyavrata
04. Visvamitra and Vasistha fought with one another for many years and were transformed to ________.
a)    Birds
b)    Pigs
c)    Elephants
d)    Insects
05. ________ approached Rohita as an old Brahmana and forbade him to return to his capital.
a)    Varuna
b)    Vayu
c)    Agni
d)    Indra
06. ________ was used a sacrificial animal by Hariscandra.
a)    Rohita
b)    Ajigarta
c)    Sunahsepha
d)    Indra
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a a c a d c
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