Canto 09, Chapter 06: The Downfall of Saubhari Muni – Quiz

01. Rathithara had no sons. So he requested ________ to beget sons for him.
a)    Durvasa Muni
b)    Agastya Muni
c)    Angira Muni
d)    Vasistha Muni
02. The progeny of Rathithara were considered ________.
a)    Brahmanas
b)    Kshtriyas
c)    Vaisyas
d)    Sudras
03. Iksvaku was born from Manu’s ________.
a)    Eyes
b)    Ears
c)    Nostrils
d)    Genitals
04. Iksvaku’s son Vikukkshi went to the forest and killed many animals suitable for being offered as oblations. But when fatigued and hungry he became forgetful and ate a ________ he had killed.
a)    Snake
b)    Bear
c)    Rabbit
d)    Horse
05. ‘He who conquered the residence of the demons’ is known as ________.
a)    Puranjaya
b)    Sasada
c)    Kakutstha
d)    Indravaha
06. Indra became a ________ carrier for Puranjaya.
a)    Bull
b)    Elephant
c)    Peacock
d)    Swan
07. King Yuvansava gave birth to a son from his ________.
a)    Womb
b)    Hand
c)    Abdomen
d)    Leg
08. Mandhata was the celebrated son of ________.
a)    Satabindu
b)    Purukutsa
c)    Ambarisa
d)    Yuvansava
09. Saubhari muni was engaged in austerity in ________.
a)    Himalayan mountain peaks
b)    Jambudvipa
c)    Indraloka
d)    Deep inner waters
10. Saubhari Muni married ________ daughters of King Mandhata.
a)    1
b)    3
c)    50
d)    1000

11. Saubhari Muni finally was ________ with his family life.
a)    Joyous
b)    Equipoised
c)    Meditative
d)    Repentful
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: c a c c a a c d d c d
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