Canto 09, Chapter 03: The Marriage of Sukanya and Cyavana Muni – Quiz

01. ________ had a beautiful daughter named Sukanya with whom he went to see the ashram of Cyavana Muni.
a)    Satyaki
b)    Satyavrata
c)    Saryati
d)    Sarathi
02. Sukanya saw within ________ two things glowing like luminaries.
a)    Hole of a rat
b)    Hole of an earthworm
c)    Hole of a snake
d)    Hole of an ant
03. Cyavana Muni was the son of ________ Muni.
a)    Bhrgu
b)    Angira
c)    Agastya
d)    Durvasa
04. Cyavana Muni’s purpose for sitting within the hole was ________.
a)    To bless Sukanya
b)    To marry Sukanya
c)    To curse Sukanya
d)    None of these
05. Cyavana Muni offered a full pot of soma-rasa to ________ who were unfit to drink.
a)    Demigods
b)    Demons
c)    Asvini-kumaras
d)    Yogis
06. When Kukudmi took Revati to see Lord Brahma in Brahmaloka,,by the time he returned, ________ catur yugas had passed.
a)    1
b)    5
c)    17
d)    27
07. Kukudmi decided to give his daughter to ________.
a)    Lord Aniruddha
b)    Lord Vasudeva
c)    Lord Baladeva
d)    Lord Pradyumna
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: c b a b c d c
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