Canto 09, Chapter 04: Ambarisha Maharaja Offended by Durvasa Muni – Quiz

01. Naabhaga’s brothers thought that Naabhaga was not going to become a grahasta and would not return home. So they divided the property of their father among themselves. When Naabhaga returned later ________.
a)    They chased him away
b)    They again divided the property to provide Naabhaga a share
c)    They gave him their father as his share
d)    They gave him the house as his share
02. Naabhaga received the wealth from the great sages of the ________ dynasty.
a)    Angira
b)    Agastya
c)    Vasista
d)    Jamadagni
03. Maharaja Ambarisa was ________.
a)    The son of Naabhaga
b)    A great devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead)   
c)    The king of the entire world
d)    All the above
04. To worship Lord Krishna, Maharaja Ambarisa along with his queen observed the vow of ekadashi and dwadashi for ________.
a)    1 month
b)    6 months
c)    1 year
d)    10 years
05. At the end of his vow, Maharaja Ambarisa satisfied all guests. He gave in charity _________ cows whose horns were covered with gold plate and hooves with silver plate.
a)    100
b)    100 thousand
c)    60 thousand
d)    60 crores
06. As the time of Dwadashi was getting over Maharaja Ambarisa decided to ________.
a)    Continue fasting
b)    Eat
c)    Drink water
d)    Call for Durvasa Muni at the earliest
07. The Supreme Lord had given His ________ to Maharaja Ambarisa as a protection.
a)    Disc
b)    Club
c)    Trident
d)    Sphere
08. Durvasa Muni finally got shelter by approaching with humility ________.
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Shiva
c)    Lord Vishnu
d)    Maharaja Ambarisa


Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: c a d c d c a d
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