Canto 09, Chapter 02: The Dynasties of the Sons of Manu – Quiz

01. The eldest son of Sraddhadeva was ________.
a)    Iksvaku
b)    Vivasvan
c)    Sudyumna
d)    Vaivasvata
02. Prasadhra was cursed for killing a cow unknowingly by ________.
a)    Agastya
b)    Angira
c)    Gautama
d)    Vasista
03. From ________ came Agnivesya who was the fire-god Agni himself.
a)    Dhrsta
b)    Devadutta
c)    Narisyanta
d)    Indrasena
04. Kuvera, the giver of money was born of ________.
a)    Ila
b)    Ilavila
c)    Alambusa
d)    Trnabindu
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: a d b b
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