Canto 09, Chapter 01: King Sudyumna Becomes a Woman – Quiz

01. From the ________ of the Supreme Personality of Godhead generated a golden lotus, on which the four-faced Lord Brahma took his birth.
a)    Womb
b)    Navel
c)    Thighs
d)    Eyes
02. From mind of Brahma ________ took birth.
a)    Marici
b)    Daksa
c)    Kasyapa
d)    Aditi
03. Kasyapa and Aditi had the son named ________.
a)    Marici
b)    Vivasvan
c)    Manu
d)    Satyavrata
04. Manu in desire to have sons approached the great saint ________ who performed sacrifice to satisfy the demigods.
a)    Vasista
b)    Vishvamitra
c)    Durvasa
d)    Angira
05. ________ was transformed to a very fine male named Sudyumna.
a)    Ilavala
b)    Aditi
c)    Ila
d)    Satyavati
06. Lord Shiva to please goddess Uma, said that any male who enters ________ forest would immediately become a female.
a)    Sukara
b)    Sukumara
c)    Swasti
d)    Jarkhanda
07. Budha and Sudyumna as a woman, got the son ________.
a)    Paurava
b)    Pururava
c)    Agastya
d)    Prathu
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: b a b a c b b
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