Canto 08, Chapter 24: Matsya, the Lord’s Fish Incarnation – Quiz

01. The Supreme Personality of Godhead’s _____________ incarnation was that of a great fish.
a)     Twelfth
b)     Seventh
c)     Second
d)     First
02. At the end of Brahma’s day, the great demon ____________ stole the Vedic knowledge.
a)     Kaitabha
b)     Keshi
c)     Hayagriva
d)     Hayashira
03. King Satyavrata was a great devotee of the Supreme Lord during _____________ manvantara.
a)     Savarni
b)     Svayambhu
c)     Vaivasata
d)     Caksusa
04. King Satyavrata gathered _____________ and boarded the large boat sent by the Lord.
a)     Herbs and seeds
b)     Seven Risis
c)     All kinds of living entities
d)     All the above
05. While king Satyavrata constantly meditated on the Supreme Lord, a golden fish appeared. The fish was ____________ long.
a)     8 miles
b)     80 miles
c)     800 miles
d)     8 million miles
06. The Supreme Lord thus explained King Satyavrata the spiritual science known as ______________.
a)     Hatha Yoga
b)     Jnana Yoga
c)     Sankhya Yoga
d)     Buddhi Yoga
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: d c d d d c
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