Canto 08, Chapter 21: Bali Maharaja Arrested by the Lord – Quiz

01. The water washed from the lotus feet of Lord Vamanadeva was transformed into the water of ____________.
a)     Cauvery
b)     Ganga
c)     Narmada
d)     Krishna
02. The king of _____________, Jambavan also joined Vamanadeva’s victory ceremony.
a)     Monkeys
b)     Kangaroos
c)     Bears
d)     Birds
03. When the demoniac followers of Bali saw that their master had lost all his possessions to Vamanadeva, they became__________.
a)     Sober
b)     Furious
c)     Frightful
d)     Bewildered
04. The followers of Bali decided to _____________ Vamandeva.
a)     Surrender to
b)     Plead
c)     Thank
d)     Kill
05. Bali Maharaja forbade his followers from attacking the demigods by saying___________.
a)     The present time is not in the favor of the demons
b)     Providence is not in favor of the demons
c)     The Supreme time factor which represents SPG is now in favor of the demigods
d)     All the above
06. Bali Maharaja was arrested by the ropes of _____________.
a)     Varuna
b)     Vayu
c)     Agni
d)     Surya
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: b c b d d a
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