Canto 08, Chapter 20: Bali Maharaja Surrenders the Universe – Quiz

01. Bali Maharaja on hearing the advice of his spiritual master said_________.
a)     The religious principle that he has adopted now to give charity is correct
b)     He being grandson of Prahlada cannot behave like a ordinary cheater
c)     There is no greater fear than cheating a Brahmana
d)     All the above
02. Sukracharya cursed Bali by telling him_________.
a)     To die immediately
b)     That very soon he would be bereft of all his opulence
c)     To get the head of a goat
d)     To lose all his children
03. Bali Maharaja’s wife _____________ immediately came with a water pot to worship Lord Vamanadeva by washing His feet.
a)     Vindhyavali
b)     Pritha
c)     Sunanda
d)     Aditi
04. Bali Maharaja saw the entire creation in the Universal form of the Lord. He saw himself with his confidential associates in the ___________ of the Lord.
a)     Navel
b)     Bosom
c)     Round portion of the waist
d)     Thighs
05. The Lord took _____________ by His one footstep.
a)     The  entire surface of the earth
b)     The sky
c)     All directions
d)     All the above
06. By the Lord’s second step_________.
a)     Entire heavenly planets were taken
b)     Entire spiritual world was taken
c)     Entire lower planetary systems were taken
d)     All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: d b a c d a
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