Canto 08, Chapter 19: Lord Vamanadeva Begs Charity from Bali Maharaja – Quiz

01. When Hiranyakashipu was chasing Lord Vishnu to take revenge of his brother’s death, Lord Vishnu entered into Hiranyakashipu’s ____________.
a)     Eye
b)     Ear
c)     Nostril
d)     Mouth
02. Virocana , father of Bali Maharaja was ________________.
a)     Affectionate towards Brahmanas
b)     Revengeful towards Lord Vishnu
c)     Very poor
d)     A devotee of Lord Vishnu
03. Lord Vamanadeva asked for ______________ pieces of land to the measurement of His steps from Bali.
a)     1
b)     2
c)     3
d)     4
04. _________________ understood that it was Lord Vishnu who had appeared as the Brahmana boy.
a)     Sukracharya
b)     Virocana
c)     Bali
d)     Sumai
05. By the evidence of Bahvraca-sruti,a promise is truthful if it is preceded by the word _____________ and untruthful if not.
a)     Shri
b)     Hari
c)     Om
d)     Namah
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: c a c a c
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